We offer the complete solution

It's yours!

You own the data 

Keep 100% of the money

Shown as your brand 

Not your data 

Don’t own your customer relationship

Revenue share on your earnings

Not your brand

Get the complete solution!

Cost-effective & launch-ready

Pre-built yet still yours!  

Preview result upfront

Predictable & transparent costs

With SupaPass you can have it all!

“Our clients are excited they can finally have all their content in one place; they can put their podcast alongside their online courses or webinar or DVD content, and to up-sell their consultancy or other services.”

A ‘look and feel’ like Netflix or Spotify 

A strong mobile app experience AND website experience

All your content in one place

Your brand, your money, your customers

Affordable and pre-built so you can launch it right now!

Juliana Meyer - CEO

There are lots of services you could choose when upgrading your website, but most don’t offer ALL the things we do in one.


Custom Build:
Costs lots of time and money

Expensive & takes a long time 

Distraction from your core business  

Costly to maintain

Quality of result is an unknown risk

Can’t see upfront what you’re buying or what future costs will be

Get the complete solution!

Works instantly pre-built

So you have the look and feel 
of Netflix or Spotify...

Without any expertise or effort needed

Switch on & add your own mobile apps instantly anytime


Website Builders:
Complex to “build a Netflix” with them

Requires design & UX expertise

A lot to integrate, configure and bolt together

Many still hire a website expert to build their Wordpress or Squarespace site

Get the complete solution!

Give your customers the best
online experience

Stay ahead of your competition 

Your own branded mobile apps and
state-of-the-art tech


Web Marketing Tools:
Website only, not your own apps

Most users expect to consume video and audio content on native mobile apps for the best user experience

Most watch and listen on their mobiles or Chromecast to a TV from apps

You can’t offer the best to your customers because you don’t have your own mobile app

Get the complete solution!

Everything together

All-in-one content

Videos, audio, podcasts, articles

Curated beautifully


Video Apps:
Only for your video content

Video only

If you have podcasts, audio, blogs or other content it will be fragmented in many places

Get the complete solution!

Take control back...

Social Platforms:
Easy to make but it's not yours

Keep 100% of your money

100% net revenue of subscriptions and online sales goes directly to you

Plus earn with in-app-purchases on your own mobile apps

Take control back...

Revenue Platforms: 
You don't keep all your earnings:

You have to pay a revenue share and lose out on a lot of your hard earned money

Plus, you don't get your own branded mobile apps

Your customers can't easily pay with an in-app-purchase because you don't have a mobile app

Get the complete solution!
Great, sign me up!

Get your all-in-one content 

website and apps now




© 2021 SupaPass. All rights reserved.

© 2021 SupaPass. All rights reserved

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