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Perfect for me – I hadn’t found a service that offers an all-in-one solution to my problem”

Brodie Sharpe

The Run Smarter Series

“Having all my blogs, podcast episodes and course videos curated: with one simple call-to-action: 'download the app’!
Website, iOS & Android capabilities to house all my content was a service I needed to jump on! my sales are up 600%”


I had a fragmented confusing journey for my customers

“My old method was to tell podcast listeners to follow me on social media, and join the Facebook group and download my e-book and did you know I have paid courses?
“Now the call to action is 'download the app’. A simple 'call-to-action'”.


The Run Smarter Series: Podcast, Courses, Members

Brodie Sharpe is an expert in running injuries. As a physiotherapist he wanted to create passive income through courses, and establish himself as a leading authority in his niche with a podcast and blog series.



Since launching his courses with his all-in-one website and app sales have increased 600%


Podcast & Blog

Now his podcast is in the same place as his courses and members, he can easily upsell to listeners



Shortly after moving from Patreon his subscribers doubled. He now keeps 100% of his subscriptions



His Facebook group moved to his own website & app, for direct ownership & easy product upsell


Lead Magnets

Followers and listeners are all directed to one place where he can easily capture their emails


Automated Marketing

Members are automatically notified when new episodes or products are launched, growing engagement

Brodie Says:

“I highly recommend it - how to put out content is really super simple

All-in-one Place

“It is perfect for me being a podcast host, releasing blogs, video content like paid courses - it's nice to house it all into one area. So if you're like me and need to send people off to different links, or to different websites I highly recommended housing it in one space.”

Easy Setup

“I got the process done relatively quickly, the SupaPass team were really helpful, talking me through the steps of setting it all up.”

Better Customer Experience

“My main goal was to deliver a better customer experience! Having all my blogs, podcast episodes and course videos curated carefully into categories provides easy navigation and better overall experience.”

Easy to use

“I'm already hearing feedback from clients as soon as the app was released that navigating through the app is really easy with all the categories that I've planned out, and they're starting to learn straightaway”

Seamless transition from Patreon

“I carried over my patrons without any issues, fantastic work!! Patrons on my website integrate well with the app, and receive exclusive access to content. On Patreon a new patron can only receive exclusive content made after sign up. Here they have access to the entire back-catalog of exclusive content. There is also the added benefit of receiving 100% of contributions and the ability to charge in my local currency.“

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