The problem that we were trying to overcome was the cost of development. We'd had lots of different quotes for development of an app. And they were all hugely expensive. So what SupaPass was able to give to us was that same development, but at a cost-effective price."

The best thing about the site and app is that it's very intuitive and very easy to use. That has to be the key thing for end users. [It] is extremely versatile.

The site and apps increase well-being as reminiscence therapy for Alzheimer’s patients.

We've had really great feedback from care homes and academics. They all believe the site and app is very, very effective in helping older people in care to reminisce and talk about the past to effectively increase well-being and quality of life. The app is designed to be as easy to use as possible.

Success Stories

We really couldn't do what we're doing without SupaPass.

Alistair Moir, The History of Advertising Trust
The largest archive of British advertising in the world.

“I couldn’t live without it.  Within a week, I’d already earned 10 times more in sales than what I’d invested in the apps! This is a game changer for me.”

Dr John Park, entrepreneur & business lecturer, DisrupTek
Business training for university graduates.

John was spending lot of time and expense teaching his courses face to face. Now he can teach one-to-many anytime and anyplace.  John evolved his business so he could stop exchanging his time for money, and scale dramatically by teaching once and selling it to tens of thousands of students.

“A top class tech platform with a truly excellent team behind it.

“The navigation is extremely easy and the feedback from my clients has been excellent.”

“What I love about SupaPass is that it's where we can put everything in one place and is presented professionally in a really intuitive, effective way that entirely suits our audience.”

Oliver Dowson, Grow International
Business consultancy service advising on international expansion.

Content includes Podcasts, Interviews, Training Videos, Articles.

“It’s very quick and cheap to launch, at a cost that any SME should find affordable.  I can think of so many uses. Marketers have total control of the medium. SupaPass is a great, logical development from the social media phenomenon and it’s destined to be a hugely valuable disruptor for a wide business community.”

“SupaPass is the fast track. It's the quality product that gets business content onto an app [and website], fast, effectively and in a very high quality way. SupaPass helps us deliver a complete platform of engaging content.”

“One of the great joys for me in setting up this app has been working with the SupaPass team, you couldn't meet a nicer or more engaged group of people.  The SupaPass team really care about the content online looking as good as it possibly can as well as delivering a really great quality app.”

“It's really what we've been looking for in a subscription app. My only regret is not doing this sooner!”

Joel Thielke, Celebrity Hypnotherapist, Motivational Life

Joel has helped millions making transformational changes, through his ventures and on BRAVO’s TV show, The Millionaire Matchmaker.

“With SupaPass, we're able to share more of our programs with a larger audience, plus the design is both sleek and user-friendly.  They helped us streamline our content and create an app that flows and gives the listener the customer experience that we wanted.”

“The best part about it is the app is basically turnkey… SupaPass have done all the hard work already, plus you’re not dealing with fly-by-night developers. They've created a proven system.”

“The entire team is very knowledgeable and helpful, and have done a great job helping us to make our creative vision a reality.”

Subscriber feedback: “I use the app every single day. It relaxes me, keeps me peaceful”

“SupaPass are ahead of the curve, where we’re going to start to see more people dealing more directly with their fans”

Imogen Heap, Grammy award-winning Music Artist

“Because of the shift in social media, everybody has gone to these other places and no artists have that kind of community they used to on their websites. There’s no kind of core, and so for me that’s what SupaPass does - it brings it home."

“A direct connection with your fans, and it’s not through a service, they come directly to you.  SupaPass is that place, because there is nowhere else that does that.”

“For a long time I’ve felt fragmented as an artist online and as a result unable to fully engage with my core fanbase. I really miss the community you’d find on both mine and other artists’ websites.  It makes total sense now in the era of streaming to blog and stay in touch with fans while in the same environment have the multimedia I’ve released commercially.” 

“All this alongside a simple effective payment model for everyone. A real breath of fresh air.”

“SupaPass is very open to working with creators and listening to us. That’s something that I’ve never had with any other music platform. And so it feels very artist-centric.”

See it in action!

Click below to visit the site or download the apps

See it in action!

Click below to visit the site or download the apps

See it in action!

Click below to visit the site or download the apps

See it in action!

Click below to visit the site or download the apps

See it in action!

Click below to visit the site or download the apps

from in-person
classes to online

Build your own ‘Headspace’
or ‘Calm’ app

Growing your business internationally

‘Spotify’ features in a fanclub for superfans

Bringing Archives
To Life

“I had planned to build an SVOD arts channel for a while. But I was put off by a perception that the platform required would be too expensive to build and too labour intensive to maintain.”

Tony Britten, Composer of the Champions League theme music, film director, founder of The Arts Channel

The Arts Channel features a unique collection of films and documentaries from around the world that do not appear on mainstream terrestrial and satellite channels.

“SupaPass has proved to be the supplier and partner that I was seeking and the team's combination of technical ability and creative innovation means The Arts Channel is now a viable and successful offering.“

Launching the ‘Netflix’ of Arts & Culture

See it in action!

Click below to visit the site or download the apps

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© 2021 SupaPass. All rights reserved

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