Repurpose Content - 12 Innovative Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Content

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November 17, 2021
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What is repurposing content?

Repurposing content is what it says on the tin: reusing content you have created to fit a different purpose. Typically, content creators repurpose content into a new format, e.g., turning a blog post into a podcast episode, video series, or turning research statistics into an infographic.

Understanding what resources you have access to is key to repurposing content. You may need to invest either your time to repurpose old content into new content manually or invest money into software (or people) that can do this for you. Despite the costs, it is clear that the value added to your content catalog will be tremendous!

Why should you repurpose content?

Time. Repurposing content saves you, as a creator, time and energy in planning, researching, and creating every time you share a new piece of content Converting existing content into new formats brings new life to something you may have thought has served its purpose.

Whether it is sharing your content across different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn or creating snippets of existing content to share as a YouTube video or TikTok clip, there are countless ways to repurpose content.

How do you get started repurposing content?

First thing's first - what content have you already created?

Start your repurposing journey by going back through your old content posts, archives, and even notes on ideas to look for inspiration for what you can repurpose.

Here are some top pieces of content to look out for when searching through your old content:

  • Blog posts - are always valuable as they range from stories, tips and tricks, case studies, and newsworthy articles. They are easy to repurpose, and you already have a script!
  • Podcasts - podcast episodes are a super malleable form of content; from the subject matter to quotes and snippets, there is plenty to repurpose from a podcast episode.
  • Reports and statistics - while some may find these boring, repurposing your statistics in a new format can make them exciting, easy to read, bold, and eye-catching - perfect for sharing on your social media accounts - and accessible to a larger audience.
  • Educational content - whether you have an eBook, an informative video course, or a SlideShare presentation, you can reuse this content to create striking content that increases your followers' engagement.

Below are SupaPass' top 12 ways of repurposing content to help creators like you to save time and increase reach across the internet!

1- Record podcast episodes as short video excerpts

If you are a podcaster and only record the audio then you're missing out on a huge potential of repurposing video recordings.

By editing down your best moments, tips, or anecdotes from a podcast video recording, you can transform these into social media posts for sites such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, gaining interest in your podcast from audiences on multiple platforms. in your. This will allow you to reach new audiences while creating high-quality content for your followers to enjoy.

With 93% of marketers claiming they've landed a new customer because of a video on social media, it is clear to see that simply by recording your podcast you can extend the life and use of your content by miles.

recording podcast episode
Photographer: Jonathan Velasquez | Source: Unsplash

2- Cut your podcast episodes into audio snippets for social media

If you don't record videos of your podcasts, you can still turn the audio recording into audio snippets for social media, called audiogramsThese are created by combining your audio file with the cover image of your podcast episode. They provide quick and easy content to post across your social media channels.

Headliner is an app that is focused on helping podcasters create audiograms. You also can create these snippets with free video editing software such as iMovie, Headliner Lightworks, or Kinemaster.

Using hashtags on Instagram and Twitter to promote these posts can help you reach your target audience , improve your podcast downloads and popularity. You'll soon find that the snippets in your tweets and Instagram posts are quickly becoming one of best marketing tools!

3- Transcribe podcast episodes into blog posts

With over 1.5 billion people in the world having some form of hearing loss, it is important to transcribe your podcast episodes to be sure to increase their accessibility.

Additionally, transcribing your podcast episodes adapts your podcast into a blog post, allowing new ways for your content to be consumed. Blog content can boost your SEO score on your website and help you reach new audiences previously inaccessible.

Repurposing your podcast script can be done in a few different ways, and some methods are a lot easier or quicker than you might think!

  • If your podcasts are scripted, adapt the script into a blog post rather than using a transcribing tool or spending time transcribing yourself.
  • Invest in a freelance transcriptionist to transcribe your episodes. Sometimes transcribing tools or methods can be inaccurate and require you to spend time editing the transcriptions to be 100% accurate.If this is a concern for you, it may be best to spend time transcribing your podcast episodes manually - or remove this from your plate and consider hiring a freelancer to assist, should your budget allow for this.
  • A neat trick to try: Use the 'Voice Typing' tool on Google Docs to transcribe your podcast for you!
  • To do this, select the 'voice typing' option in the tools dropdown menu of a new Google Doc. Test the microphone and make sure you select your language. Then, load up your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and play your podcast episode. You should see the microphone picking up your podcast on Google Docs. Let your episode play and it typically picks up fairly accurately!
  • Using a transcription tool such as Otter or Sonix can be a quick and accurate way of transcribing your podcast episodes, albeit pricier than transcribing it yourself or using another trick.

Another trick for transcriptions is to upload your podcast episode to YouTube as a private or unlisted video and use the in-built video captions tool to transcribe your video for you. Transcribing your shows can also help you discover powerful quotes and snippets for your social media - two birds with one stone! Tip: If you are short on time, bold your favorite short segments within the script for a quick way to identify even more content for later.

Photographer: Jan Kahánek | Source: Unsplash

4- Extract audio from a video course into a podcast

Using a podcast as a form of content marketing for an eLearning or video course can be a great way to convert your listeners into paying subscribers.

By basing your podcast episodes on the specific topics of your video course, you can use your podcast as an advertisement for your course, highlighting the quality, educational value, and need for your followers to subscribe to your course.

Top tip: With SupaPass, you can have both your podcast and subscription-based video course in your own branded native mobile app and website!

Of course, you don't want to spoil all of the amazing content in your video course, you only want to give enough away to highlight your followers' pain points so they understand what problem you are trying to solve with it.

5- Edit blog posts into monthly newsletters

If you regularly post on a blog or write articles, then include them in a monthly newsletter!

Turn your educational blog posts into top tips and tricks summarized in your newsletter, turn client case study articles into client spotlights for your mailing list to read, or repurpose your interview transcripts into short snippets and powerful quotes to make your newsletter stand out!

If you have guest posts on your blog from partners, affiliates, or clients, include them in your monthly newsletters! Not only does it save you time (content is already created), but it provides your newsletter readers with the opportunity to be introduced to others. Don’t forget to seek permission first, and use this as a collaboration opportunity to shout-out and help promote others!

man editing blog post into newsletter on laptop
Photographer: Glenn Carstens-Peters | Source: Unsplash

6- Compile your blog posts into an eBook

If you've been working on a blog for a while, you have a catalog of blog posts that are sitting there waiting to be shared with your audience in a brand new format!

Why not compile these into a short eBook?

Turning these old pieces of content into a marketable and potentially educational eBook can help you build your audience, email marketing list, and educate your subscribers on the importance of your product or service.

7- Adapt your interviews into an 'expert advice' eBook

If you regularly conduct interviews for podcasts, blog posts, or video content, you already have stacks of advice, tips and tricks, and knowledge hidden within these interviews that would make for a perfect compilation within an eBook.

To get started with this, go back through interview episodes of your podcast or videos and extract any snippets or quotes that could provide value to your followers and subscribers. Chances are that the people you interview are relevant to the main topic of your content, so it should all be pertinent to your future eBook.

Top tip: Use a transcribing tool to quickly search for keywords within an interview instead of listening to the whole interview!

Once you've compiled a list of snippets and quotes, make sure you contact the interviewee to ask for permission to use their quote. Don’t forget to properly credit them within the book - most guests will love the extra shoutout!!

Don’t forget to look for your own quotes as you search through old content as you discover great eBook material. . Your eBook will be a distinguished way of legitimizing your authority within your space by showing the world the experts you have had the privilege of interviewing. It also can be used as an effective lead magnet for a newsletter or mailing list!

man recording podcast interview
Photographer: ConvertKit | Source: Unsplash

8- Turn your educational content into a webinar or video course

Do you love to create informative content such as SlideShare presentations, slide decks, or essays on your area of expertise? If so, then you should definitely consider repurposing these items into a video course or webinar!

Simply narrating over slideshow presentations or reading your essays can be a straightforward way of reusing your insightful content into a marketable, shareable, and potentially profitable form of recycling your old content into something valuable.

A basic microphone and a quiet space in your home or office are all that you need to make high-quality sound recordings that let you show off your knowledge and expertise.

Top tip: With SupaPass, you can have a stunning home for your video courses that allows you to monetize them with a subscription paywall - and even better yet, you keep 100% of the profits!

9- Repurpose your informational blog posts, reporting data, and statistics into infographics

Repurposing the information you have learned through your business, podcast, or content creations as informative infographics can provide compelling content to market on your social media.

Infographics can be used on your social media pages such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram to legitimize your brand quickly.. They should be easy to read, consume, and educational or entertaining enough that your followers want to share them on their own social media pages.Infographics provide the opportunity to improve your reach on social media and bring in new audiences for your content.

Creating infographics doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming either! Here are some different tools and methods of creating infographics:

  • Venngage is a tool that can be used to create professional infographics based on 100s of templates. With affordable pricing plans for individuals or businesses, this can be a useful tool for anyone looking to repurpose their content as an infographic.
  • Canva is another great tool that lets you build infographics around templates. The free plan has over 250,000 templates, free photos and graphics to use, and enough online storage to fit an individual or a small team.
  • Upwork and Fiverr are communities of freelancers of all types of professions and services, including graphic design and marketing, where you will find affordable and professional designers to help build your infographics.These communities are a perfect resource if you do not have the time to create infographics yourself!

Infographics don't need to be fancy or filled with cartoons and graphics! They need to be informative, easy to read, and eye-catching - something that many of the free tools and software offer you.

laptop with statistics and graphics
Photographer: Lukas Blazek | Source: Unsplash

10- Turn your reporting findings and business statistics into case studies

In your work, do you ever find something in your reporting that even you find striking? Then you need to share it with your followers as a case study!

Case studies legitimize your business by proving the value of your product or service. Your followers will enjoy reading about your clients' success and be inspired to follow in their footsteps and sign up for your service, product, or video course.

Find out how much your subscribers have made using your product, service, or video course and celebrate that with your followers.

Contact your subscribers or clients and ask them to give you feedback and quotes on their experience in using your product or service - it'll save you time, and you inherently promote them. It is a win-win!!

11- Update your old content with new information

Your content should be alive and constantly adapting to new facts and details.

If you have old blog posts written about your current content, client case studies, or statistics on your business, then they should be updated at least once a year with new information on how things have changed since the original date of the blog post or content.

A good idea to differentiate these blog posts is to edit the old date to include the year of publication. That way if someone searches for this blog post content, they will also see the new post with a more recent date.

You can keep the bulk of your content the same, only changing the facts and figures that need updating. Taking this action can save you mountains of time in doing a weekly blog post or podcast.

Chances are that many of your followers or subscribers have not read, listened to, or seen this content before. They may not even remember seeing the content, or may appreciate the update on this topic! It's a quick win for any content creator.

12- Repurpose your content into your own mobile app or website

With all of this content you have created, you need one online home for all of it. One place for you to focus on and one place to send your super fans.

Instead of sending your followers and subscribers to your Patreon, YouTube channel, podcast platform, and blog website, you should be sending them to one stunning place that is all yours: your content and your branding.

With SupaPass, you can create a website and native mobile app for Android and Apple devices that allows content creators such as yourself to add and beautifully curate content for subscribers! You get to determine whether that is exclusive content behind a paywall, with an email registration, or free visitor content for followers (or a combination of all of these!).

SupaPass gives you the power to control your own branding, content, and specific paywall prices to the app framework and to customize it however it works for you - you are in control.y. Not only that, but SupaPass does not take a share of any revenue you make with your custom paywalls either, allowing you to keep 100% of your profit.

With our custom CMS (Content Management System), it's as easy as managing a social media page to create and curate your branded app - no coding required!

supapass content repurposed into website and mobile apps
Source: SupaPass

Best of all, you can get started right now and use our free tier to house your branding, podcast, and blog within minutes. Yes, only minutes to create your stunning new SupaPass website. All of our plans offer a 14-day free trial, too, so there is no commitment to make!


When content creation burnout creeps in, try repurposing your old content to save yourself time and energy! Your subscribers more than likely won’t notice - they may even love it!ew

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